MUSICA FOLLIA preferenze 2012

MUSICA FOLLIA preferenze 2012

I nostri "Scribacchini" Dragomilov e Cianos segnalano le loro preferenze discografiche riguardanti il 2012.

Hard Rock:
- Aerosmith "Music from Another Dimension"
- Black Country Communion "Afterglow"
- Great White "Elation" 
- UFO "Seven Deadly"
- VAN HALEN "A different kind of truth"  

Great White - (I've Got) Something For You (Official)

Sleazy Glam Metal:
- Glitter Magic "Bad for Health"
- Killer Klowns "Rollercoaster ride"
- Foxy Shazam! "The Church of Rock and Roll"
- The Darkness "Hot Cakes"
- Addiction for Destruction "Neon Light Resurrection"

Killer Klowns "Until the end" video official

Heavy Metal:
- Tygers of Pan Tang "Ambush"
- Nuclear Strikes "Megastorm eyes"
- Tank "War Nation"
- Accept "Stalingrad"
- Hollow Haze "Poison in Black"
- Arthemis "We fight"

Arthemis "We fight" official video

Aor Melodic Rock:
- Hardline "Danger Zone" 
- Europe "Bag of Bones"
- H.e.a.t. "Address the Nation"
- Magnum "On the 13th Day"
- Gotthard "Firebirth"

Hardline "Fever dreams" official video

Progressive Symphonic Metal Rock:
- Elixir "Unleash the Magic"
- Dimitriy Pavlovskiy "Powersquad"
- Helreidh "Fragmenta"
- Orden Ogan "To the end" 
- Linear Sphere "Manvantara"

Orden Ogan "To the end" official video

Rock Italiano:
- Vidocq "Vidocq"
- Il teatro degli orrori "Il mondo nuovo"
- Recattivo "Senza Respiro EP"
- Banco "Quaranta"
- Maieutica "Logos"

Recattivo "Senza respiro" official video

Death Metal:
- Xipe Totec "In moyocoyani"
- Aeternam  "Moongod"
- Blind Stare  "The Dividing Line"
- Miseration  "Tragedy Has Spoken"
- Asphyx "Deathhammer" 

Xipe Totec "In moyocoyani" official

Thrash Metal:
- Testament "Dark Roots of Earth"
- Helss Thrash Horsemen "EP"
- Awrizis "Shapes of imagination"
- Hellbringer  Dominion of Darkness 
- Destruction "Spiritual Genocide" 


- Dynazty  "Sultans of Sin"
- Quaoar " The River & The Soul" 
- Bad Luck Train "BLT"
- Coheed and Cambria "The Afterman: Ascension" 
- Hard Desire "Hard Desire"
- Wild Kitten "WK"
- Felix Martin "live in Boston"
- Brave "The last Battle"
- Danger Zone "Undying"
- Mia Klose "London"

Wild Kitten "F.u.c.k." official video