MUSICA FOLLIA Preferenze 2016


Da qualche anno anche noi di MUSICA FOLLIA abbiamo deciso di scrivere le nostre personali classifiche e preferenze. 
Ascoltiamo musica dalla mattina alla sera, questa è la nostra passione, la nostra vita!
Ecco a voi i vostri "Scribacchini" Ivan Dragomilov, Cianos, Chuck Smile e Mirko DeFox  che divertendosi ci segnalano ognuno le proprie preferenze discografiche riguardanti questo 2016 che purtroppo è stato un anno che ci ha portato via alcuni dei nostri idoli, da David Bowie a Keith Emerson (ELP), da Greg Lake (Asia) a Rock Parfitt (Status Quo) .

- IVAN DRAGOMILOV - preferenze in ordine sparso

# ROCK e dintorni:
The Temperance Movement "White bear"
Banditos "Fun all night"
Seratones "Get gone"
Paul & Electronics "free"
Blackfield " Family man"

The Dead Daisies "Make some noise" 
Glenn Hughes "My town"
Dan Reed Network "Fight another day"
Roth Brock Project "If that's what..."
Cheap Trick "Bang, Zoom, Crazy..."

# Sleazy Glam Metal:

SixxA.M. "Prayers for the damned"

Sanchez "Get down"
Enuff'z'Nuff "Clowns lounge"
NiteRain "Vendetta"
Pretty Wild "Breakdown the walls"

# Heavy Metal:
Dark Phantom "Nation of dog"
Helstar "Vampiro"
Voivod "Post Society"
Doomsday Outlaw "Suffer more"
Breaking Chain "Lost it all"

# Aor Melodic Rock:
Anastasio Farini "Unchain my broken heart"
Peter Frampton "Acoustic classic"
The Goo Goo Dolls "Boxes"
Bun E Carlos"Grretings from Bunuezela"
Stonefield "Stranger"

# Rockitaly:
Danger Zone "Closer to heaven"  
Lele Croce "Stile Libero"
Mugshots "Something weird"
Slap Guru "Cosmic Hill"
Numa Echos "Shady world"

# Extreme, Thrash & Death Metal:

Nocturna A.D. "where the shadow stalk"

Dark Phantom "Nation of dog"
Graves at sea "The curse that is"
Obituary "Ten thousand..."
Barbarossa "He who walks alone"

Blood Ceremony "Lord of misrule"
Spiritual Beggars "Sunrise to sundown"
Sourvein"Aquatic occult"
Band of Skulls "Killer"
Toseland "Cradle the rage"


- MIRKO DEFOX - preferenze in ordine sparso

# DAVID BOWIE "Blackstar"

# Hard Rock: 
The Dead Daisies "Make some noise" 
Rival Sons "Hollow Bones"
Vodun "Possession"
Cheap Trick "Bang, Zoom, Crazy..."
Biffy Clyro "wolves of winter" 
The Cult "Hidden city"
Tempt "Runaway" 

# Heavy Metal: 
Denner/Sherman "Master of evil"  
Hermann Frank "Running back"
Nightmare "Serpentine"
Jorn "Heavy rock radio"  
Tygers of Pan Tang "Only the brave"
Diamond Head "Diamond Head" 
Anthrax  "For all kings"

# AOR/melodico: 
Danger Zone "Closer to heaven"  
The Radio Sun "Outside look in" 
Heart "Beautiful broken"  
Hardline "Take your home"
Rick Springfield "Rocket Science"
FM "That girl"

# Sleazy Glam: 
Shiraz Lane "For crying out loud"
Santa Cruz "Drag me down"  
Reckless "Invader" 
Black Rain "Released"
Toxic Rose "Total Tranquillity"

# Rockitaly:
Dolcetti "Arriver"
Vade Aratro "storie messorie"
Numa Echos "Shady world"
Steve Saluto "the power of 6 flowers"
Kappa Dario Cappanera "The man i want to be"

# Rivelazione: 
The Kills "Ash & ice"
Beverly "The blue swell"
Illustr8ors "Your animal" 


- CIANOS COUNTRIpreferenze in ordine sparso

# ROCK e dintorni:
Vodun "Possession"
Killing Joke "Pylon"
Spidergawd "III"
Blood of Wheels "It's all a lie"
The Cult “Hidden city”

Inglorious "Inglorious"
Phantom 5 "Since you're gone"
Shinedown "Threat to survival"
Treat "Ghost of Graceland"
Purson "Desire's magic Theather"

# Heavy Metal:
Grave Digger "Call for war"
Axel Rudy Pell "Game of sins"
Hammerfall "Built to last"
Sabaton"The last stand"
Evergrey "The storm within"

# Aor Melodic and Sleazy Rock:
Martina Edoff "Unity"
The Last Vegas "Eat me"
The Quireboys "Twisted love"
Hell in the Club "Shadow of the monster"
Hardline "Human nature"

# Rockitaly:
Strana Officina "The wolf within"
Vanexa "Too Heavy to fly"
Lionville "I will wait"
DGM "the passage"
Barbarossa "I will wait"

# Extreme, Thrash & Death Metal:
Great Cowboy "Same"
Nocturna A.D. "where the shadow stalk"
Hour of Penance "The chains of misdeed"
Blood Red Throne "Union of flesh..."
Abomination Wide "Hypocrites must Die"

Hexvessels "When we are death"
Karma to Burn "Mountain Czar"
Dark Phantom "Nation of dog"
The Press Gang "Medusa 5"
Lucifer's Friend "Too late to hate"


- CHUCK SMILE - preferenze in ordine sparso

Mammoth Mammoth  "Mammoth Bloody Mammoth" 
David Bowie "Blackstar"
Zun "Burial Sunrise"  
Black Oath "To below and beyond" 
Living Colour "Who shot ya"

Hard Rock: 
The Answer "Solas" 
Imperial State Electric "All through the night" 
Graham Bonnet Band "The book" 
Kee Marcello  "Wild Child" 
Foghat "Under the incluence"

Sleazy Glam Rock'n'Roll: 
Lyin Rampant "Up and cumin" reissue 
Madysin Hatter "Loose your mind" 
Sanchez "Get down"
Gentle Savage "Introduction" 
Groupie High School "Ladies & Gentlemen"
Prowess"No survivors"

Heavy Metal: 
Phil Campbell and the bastard sons "Phil Campbell and the bastard sons" 
Brave "Kill the bastard" 
Anvil "Anvil is Anvil" 
Testament "Brotherhood..." 
Manilla Road "Mystification"

Cruzh "Cruzh" 
Illustr8ors "Your animal" 
Estrella "Wheels keep turning" 
Last Autumn's Dream "Paintings"

C.O.P. UK "No place to heaven"

Riguardo chi scrive


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