Heartstrings - Marina Barskaya's new video featuring Mistheria out now

Mistheria is proud to present his latest production "HEARTSTRINGS" the new video single by viola player Marina Barskaya.

"HEARTSTRINGS" is an instrumental, delicate yet intense piece. Wonderful soloist viola player Marina Barskaya magically leads us through the deepest emotions that come straight from the "heartstrings". Also, featuring Mistheria on piano and Wild Queens string quartet.

[YouTube video: https://youtu.be/KlCUrix1NAI]

Meet brilliant artists in this beautiful song and discover how thin the border between the love dreaming and reality can be. Amazingly talented viola player Marina Barskaya and pianist Mistheria with their outstanding performance gave the song "Heartstrings" that compelling feelings of passionate love and intimacy, something a bit more than usual. Accompanied by the Wild Queens string quartet, these two extraordinary artists creates with the song a miraculous atmosphere that one can wish to keep for a long time like a beautiful dream.

Released by Sifare Music Publishing, "HEARTSTRINGS" is available on all major music platforms for streaming and downloading:


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Wild Queens string quartet: Cristina Constantinescu (violin 1), Ekaterina Philippovich (violin 2), Marina Barskaya (viola), Ekaterina Berezan (cello).

Backing Vocals: Jadranka Krištof, Nataša Mirković, Dragan Brnas, Vladimir Pavelić.

Dancers: Rebecca Krajnović and Tomislav Horvat Zoos.

Music composed by Goran Alwis Babić.

Music arranged by Mistheria.

Mixed by Drago Smokrović and Srđan Sekulović.

Mastered by Drago Smokrović.

Co-produced by Drago Smokrović.

Produced by Mistheria.

Marina Barskaya: https://www.facebook.com/crazyviola

Wild Queens: https://www.facebook.com/WildQueensQuartet

Mistheria: https://www.mistheria.com

Sifare Music Publishing & Digi Beat Distribution ltd (UK)

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